College Rules & Regulations

All students shall comply with the following:

  • Regular and punctual attendance in all class activities like lectures, demonstrations, practical, clinical, tutorials, testes etc., as well as in all college activities like clinical meetings, clinic pathological conferences, activities etc. is compulsory. No student shall be allowed to appear in the professional examination of the concerned subject, if his/her attendance falls short of 75% of the total lectures in a subject separately in Theory & Practical.
  • Students whose conduct and academic standards are not considered satisfactory, shall not be allowed to appear in the University Examination or to hold any office in the college or in co-curricular activities etc.
  • Students not appearing in send up examinations for internal assessment will not be allowed to appear in the university examinations.
  • A student staying willfully absent from the classes will be fined Rs. 10 per class and absent from class Test/Exam, will be fined Rs. 500/- per exam.
  • Attendance and marks obtained in college tests will be given due weightage, while awarding internal assessment.
  • Any kind of leave shall be sanctioned by the heads of the department. In case of illness, a medical certificate by a qualified doctor from Govt. Institution must be attached;
  • Students must wear white coats with name plate, during college hours & Hospital duty. They must also have their own instruments and consumables.
  • Illness and ailment must be reported to the Warden/Hostel Supdt. as early as possible for providing early medical aid.
  • Strictly forbidden, in any part of the institution are :-The possession or use of alcoholic beverages.-The possession or use of addictive or psychotropic drugs.-Gambling.-The possession or use of firearms or any lethal weapons.
  • Ragging of any student particularly new first year students is illegal and completely forbidden. It is punishable with fine, or even expulsion from the college and also prosecution.
  • Ragging is defined amongst others as, “Display of disorderly conduct, an act of causing physical and psychological harm or causing apprehension or fear or shame or embarrassment. The definition also includes, “Teasing, abusing, threatening, playing practical jokes or asking students to perform something the student in ordinary course would not do”. It further includes causing injury, degrading, humiliating a fellow student and causing distress of mind or spirit.
  • Students will be liable to pay all damages caused by him/her to any college property as per the decision of the authorities concerned.
  • The College does not hold itself responsible for debts incurred by the students.
  • Students are not allowed to paste notices within the Institution without prior written permission from the Principal and are also forbidden to communicate with any outside authority directly. All such communications must be submitted to the Principal who will forward these if considered desirable, to the authorities concerned. Any Student infringing this rule may be suspended.
  • Students are required to clear their dues within the stipulated period failing which penalty in the form of fine, suspension from classes / Practical and hostel can be imposed.
  • All irregularities, neglect of duties, breach of rules and indiscipline are to be brought to the notice of the Principal. The Principal shall deal with any serious offence, for which an adverse entry in the students personal file/record register may be made and penalty imposed. Penalty could be either written or a verbal warning, fine, suspension and/or removal as on office bearer of any organization and expulsion from the College.
  • Possession of mobile phones during college hours is strictly prohibited.
  • The decision of the Management in any kind of disputes shall be final & binding on the student.